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Become part of the Flic family!

Bring Flic shortcuts to your app, and reach the world's largest smart button audience.

A selection of our partners

Some of our awesome partners

Partnerships for everyone

We've made it easy for you to choose from predefined partnerships. Whether you just want a fast and easy way to get Flic shortcuts into your app, or if you're looking to make some extra profit by reaching out to people, there's a partnership for you.

Improve the UX of your app

Getting Flic shortcuts into your app is as easy as writing a few lines of code. Within minutes you can have existing Flic users control your app using their Flic.

Flic Triggers

Earn commission on sales

Collaborate with us and earn a commission on all Flic sales that you generate. All you have to do is provide your users with a link.

Earn commission on sales graph

Run marketing campaigns together with us

Perform marketing campaigns together with us for mutual branding benefits.

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