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Integrate with Flic

Using our SDK, it's really easy for you to integrate Flic with your Android or iOS app.

Flic together with our SDK and your application

Easy integration – all the Flic benefits

Bind Flic to actions in your app.

When implemented, Flic will be able to trigger actions of your choice in your app. One Flic can be bound to three actions in your application (triggered by click, double click or hold) at any given time.

Binding Flic to your actions

Fast delivery of Flics.

When applying for a partnership, you can also purchase Flics for fast delivery to complete your implementation.

Faster delivery of Flics

Everything you need is right here.

Your own developers integrate Flic in your application with the use of our SDK. You will find everything you need on this site. We hope that you are as excited as we are about creating awesome things with Flic!

Flic SDK
Android Tutorial iOS Tutorial