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How It Works

Instantly Available

After integration, Flic shortcuts will be made instantly available for your users.

Show that your app
now supports Flic.

When your users discover that your app supports Flic shortcuts, they can tap the "Add Flic" button and be redirected to the Flic app.

Fully customizable.

You can design this however you like.

The Flic app takes care of everything.

Your users only have to choose a Flic and click "Done". We take care of all the bluetooth gibberish and button handling, so you don't have to.

Your users can now use their Flics in your app.

The users will then return to your app and choose which action to be triggered when pushing the Flic. All done!

The triggers you want.

This is just an example. You decide which triggers should be used and how this is shown in your app.

iPhone 6
Your app Your app after step 2 Flic Grabber
Flic with outline
Flics in different colors

Flic shortcuts in your app

The Flic implementation will enable your users to trigger actions in your app with the use of any Flic. Since many users will already own their own Flic, this will make your shortcuts instantly available for the users.

The Flic app helps you

You will use our lightweight SDK to receive the Flic click events to your app. You don't have to worry about the handling of the Flic buttons or the communication with them since that is all taken care of by the Flic app.

Be done within minutes

You will be able to easily set up the Flic integration within minutes, and then you can focus on customizing the actions in your application that will be enabled for the Flic shortcuts.